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Rami Ayoob

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Chief Digital Information Officer


An innovative and result-oriented professional with over 16+ years of executive-level experience, Responsible for all aspects of strategic IT planning, implementation and achievement of Enterprise goals<br /> <br /> • Business Strategies: Develop a clearly defined and focused business vision, Define Business objectives and develop a strategic action plan for each objective broken down into tasks with a list of needed resources and a specific time line.<br /> <br /> • Digital Transformation: Define, plan and implement a robust short and long-term technology road map to ensure a phased approach that will integrate with existing processes and platforms to deliver incremental value at each stage<br /> <br /> • IT Governance: Generate business value from IT-enabled investments, achieve strategic goals and realize business benefits through effective and innovative use of IT.<br /> <br /> • Digital Services: Design and optimize Business UI/UX wireframes in lights of designed journeys and defined corporate guidelines. Oversee Business CEX KPIs and lead enhancement activity with Building Blocks & Initiatives Master plan, internal operations & technical implications.

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