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Foundations of AI for Banking and Finance

This is a LIVE class where you will get personalized training.​


Foundations of AI for Banking and Finance program is intended for professionals seeking to learn about AI’s current capabilities, applications and future potential to equip themselves with the tools to successfully lead AI projects in their organizations. 

The program will provide an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and technologies including Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and Robotics. 

Participants will learn about key applications of AI in Finance – from wealth and asset management to insurance, credit scoring, compliance and fraud detection, customer service and more. 

Training format 


The instructor-led live session will leverage a number of pedagogies such as videos, simulations, exercises, and breakout session to reinforce the key learnings. Miro platform will be leveraged for ideation and collaboration. 

Training Timings: 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM (GMT+4)
Breaks: Two breaks in between for around 15min


4.5 Hours


$20 USD/hr

Key Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course, leaders should understand and be able to do the following:

Gain a good understanding of the main concepts of AI and machine learning.


Understand key technologies including Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and Robotics.


Identify the current use cases of AI in finance and its potential for driving value in the future.


Determine best practices for operationalizing AI and ML from global case studies.


Uncover key areas to apply AI and ML within their workplace.

Who Should Attend

Digital Transformation leaders, managers and executives

Leaders overseeing the integration of AI into their organization's business strategy

Managers and executives involved with managing teams and AI-driven projects

Functional Business Heads interested in exploring AI opportunities across business functions

Professionals looking to upskill and advance in their careers through new technologies

Entrepreneurs and students interested in the application of Emerging Technologies in Finance

Foundations of AI for Banking and Finance: Program Outline

Module 1: An Overview of AI

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Industry Drivers of AI

Module 2: AI Technologies

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning (Supervised Machine Learning, Unsupervised Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning)
  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks
  • Promise of the new AI Technologies

Module 3: AI Use Cases in Finance

  • Wealth and Asset Management
  • Insurance
  • Credit Scoring
  • Compliance and Fraud Detection
  • Customer Services
  • Robotic Process Automation

Assessment and Evaluation

At the end of the class, an automatic online assessment and course feedback will be shared with participants.


Digital Certificate

Participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded with a ‘Certificate of Completion’ from

Denial of Certificate Policy: Being late more than 15min in a 1 day program.  Absent for more than 1 session in a 2/3 days program.

Register Now

20 USD/per hour

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